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Chi Chi Charity Classic

The Chi Chi Charity Classic is right around the corner!  If you’re interested in learning more about the event or how you can contribute please visit or contact us for more details.


Insurance Exclusion for Damage to Vacant Property During Remodel

The M.D. Fla. recently issued an opinion on insurance exclusion for damage to vacant property during remodel (Jarvis v. GeoVera 2017 WL 2869706).  In the case Jarvis owned property which was vacant while renovations were being effected.  During this period vandals intentionally set fire to the property. GeoVera denied coverage under a homeowners insurance policy […]


2018 Partnership Taxes

Beginning 1/1/2018 there will be new rules in effect for partnership taxation; and, LLCs taxed as partnerships.  Companies should make sure their organizational documents as well as their general practices will adapt now before its too late.