Excellent article for estate planning practitioners

George D. Karibjanian recently wrote a wonderful article regarding the Morey v. Everbank decision in Florida.  The article discusses the interplay between the court’s analysis and the Florida statutes governing the exemption of life insurance proceeds.  Carlton W.  Morey Jr.  was the owner of two life insurance policies “each with death benefits in the amount of $250,000.”  Morey  named his revocable trust as the beneficiary of the life insurance policy the subject of the decision.  The court found the trust to have identified the payment of death obligations as a primary purpose.  To put it simply, the life insurance proceeds were not protected by the express exemption provided pursuant to Florida Statute section 222.13.  To read this excellent article in more detail please see http://www.floridabar.org/DIVCOM/JN/JNJournal01.nsf/8c9f13012b96736985256aa900624829/c6a8173973a4c87e85257b9000515697!OpenDocument