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Ranking of Trustees for US CMBS Issued in 2012

As reported by the Commercial Mortgage Alert – The Weekly Update on Real Estate Finance and Securitization for February 8, 2013: 2012 Issuance ($Mil.) No. of Deals Market Share (%) 2011 Issuance ($Mil.) No. of Deals Market Share (%) 11-’12 % Chg. U.S. Bank $28,823.3 41 59.6 $11,716.1 19 35.8 146.0 Wells Fargo $9,438.3 18 […]


How Gun Trusts Can Work For You

The federal government has enacted a series of laws including the National Firearms Act (the “NFA”), Gun Control Act and Firearms Owners Protection Act (collectively, the “Gun Laws”).  The basic premise of the Gun Laws are to regulate registering and transferring certain firearms.  Specifically, Title II regulates (among other types): Antique Firearms Destructive Devices (bombs, […]