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American Medical Association conducts survey of physicians to determine impact of Medicare Payment on Seniors Access to Care

A survey conducted by the American Medical Association showed that roughly 1 in 5 physicians re restricting the nubmer of Medicare patients in their practice.  The top two reasons given for the restrictions: 1. Medicare payement rates are too low; and 2. the ongoing threat of future payment cuts makes Mediare an unreliable payer. The […]


Is your doctor leaving the Medicare program. A great article from the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys.

Congress continues to kick the can down the road rather than resolve current issues facing spending cuts on national programs.   The unintended consequences from such actions are that small businesses and big businesses alike are moving forward in preparation for what may be or, rather, what may never be.  Attached is a link to a […]


Bankruptcy and Security Interests in Green Fees and Driving Range Fees

The U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit recently decided In re Premier Golf Prop., LP, 477 B.R. 767 (B.A.P. 9th Cir. 2012) which addressed the issue of whether “postpetition revenue from the Golf Club’s green fees and driving range fees [was] rents, proceeds, or profits of the Bank’s prepetition security, and therefore, [does] not constitute cash […]